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Are you running an innovative circular economy or
environment-related project?

Join our next Collision cohort!

In partnership with



Are you running an innovative circular economy business project?

Join our next Collision cohort!

En partenariat avec

⚠ This call for projects is now closed. To make sure you don’t miss out on the next ones, and to follow the announcement of the selected entrepreneurs, sign up for our newsletters! 

The Collision program is managed by Aurélie Carpentier.

You can email her at [email protected] or book a time to discuss with her.

Structure your project, validate your impact!

Esplanade Quebec, in partnership with RECYC-QUEBEC, is launching a new Collision cohort in the circular economy, to support 8 to 10 entrepreneurial teams developing solutions related to the circular economy in Quebec.


This 3-month program will combine group workshops and personalized coaching on business strategies, financing, and impact, as well as thematic workshops led by RECYC-QUEBEC.


Entrepreneurs, join this 15th Collision cohort!

Who is the program for?



This program is for you if:

  You are leading an entrepreneurial project (Inc, NPO, COOP, or not yet established) or you are a professional or researcher involved in an intra/entrepreneurial initiative.

  Your project is at the startup stage (between the post-ideation and pre-commercialization phases).

  Your team is located in Quebec.

  Your project provides an innovative, efficient, and realistic solution to an identified problem or need in the circular economy sector, either through:

   technological innovation (material/hardware or digital/software);

   organizational innovation and changes in practices;

   or social innovation.

What challenges can the projects address?

For this cohort (related to our Innovation Hub in Environment and Climate Change), below are some examples of current challenges in the circular economy that need urgent attention. There are, of course, many others.

Waste reduction at the source
Collaborative economy
Reduction of single-use products and reuse 
Waste management and valorization of organic materials 

But also projects that address issues in construction and demolition, food waste, the functionality economy, etc…

These are example challenges, but we encourage all project leaders working in the circular economy to submit an application, even if their projects do not specifically fit into one of the mentioned examples.

Leave with…

Workshops, resources, and tools

Opportunities for experimentation fields through RECYC-QUEBEC

Knowledge from experts in your sector

Access to our preferred partners

Support from our community of entrepreneurs

Benefit from the expertise of our seasoned coaches

At approximately halfway through the program, each project will be assigned a business coach from among the many experts affiliated with Esplanade Quebec, based on the identified coaching needs and objectives. Each team has up to 15 hours of coaching to schedule with their coach according to their needs and availability.


The four coaches presented here are regularly called upon to work with our entrepreneurial teams in the circular economy.


Business Model, Growth, and E-commerce


Communications, Public Affairs, Public Transport


Expert in food systems, circular economy, and retail


Strategy, Sales, and Marketing


Selection criteria

We select projects based on both the quality and potential impact of their impact, as well as the team’s ability to develop and grow the project.


  Degree of innovation of the project and proposition of differentiated and complementary value in the ecosystem.


  Stage of development of the solution, degree of validation of the proof of concept and business model.


  Potential social and environmental impact on identified communities.


Relevance and realism of the proposed project.


Expertise (business experience and knowledge of the field) of the team.


Level of commitment and motivation of the entrepreneurial team, ability to question themselves.

Key dates

End of coaching: end of summer 2024.


What is the Collision program about?
Personalised support over several months

   Intensive final selection bootcamp: 2 days where teams are active on the Impact Gaps Canvas

  Up to 15 hours of individual coaching with coaches and experts in impact, innovation, entrepreneurship, and business development

  4 workshops on tools developed by our impact entrepreneurship experts, directly applied to your project

The support will lead you to work on these tools:
Understanding your ecosystem

Validating your solution with your users

Building your roadmap towards impact

Structuring your impact plan

Following the workshops, your team will be connected with a lead business coach. You will have up to 15 hours of personalised coaching, tailored to your goals and industry. These hours can be spread out until the end of July 2024, depending on your availability.

How do I know if I am at the right stage of development?

It can be challenging for a young company to determine how to qualify its stage of development.


Any project in the phase between post-ideation and pre-commercialisation can fully benefit from the support offered in Collision.

In the context of this call for projects, we are looking for entrepreneurial projects that are in the structuring and/or validation stage of their project and who wish to explore or structure their business model.

You are in the structuring or validation phase if:

 you have identified a problem and have a solution to offer,
you have assembled your team,
 you have defined your target audience,
 you want guidance to launch into commercialization.

How are projects selected?
Selection process

The selection process takes place in 2 phases:

  Pre-selection based on application: an initial selection will be made upon receipt of applications. Applications will be analysed according to the evaluation criteria mentioned below by the Esplanade Quebec team and, if necessary, by our sectoral partners.

  Final selection bootcamp: up to 15 projects will then be invited to participate in the bootcamp. Teams will be active on the Impact Gaps Canvas. Impact experts will be present to assess the teams throughout the exercise. Following the bootcamp, up to 10 projects will be selected by a jury to participate in the entire Collision program.

Do I have enough time for this?
The workshops take place online every two weeks, on Friday mornings from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM, on the following dates:


May 24th          June 7th          June 21st          July 5th


2 to 5 hours of personal work will also be required between each workshop. You will be assisted by your facilitator to complete this work.


The 15 hours of personalized coaching can be scheduled independently with your coach based on your schedule.

What alumni of the circular economy Collision say

« Joining the program was very enriching for Éco-Platiques. Indeed, it allowed me to structure my project well by deepening the environment in which we operate and also expand my network. It was very interesting to be able to exchange with other entrepreneurs facing the same issues as me. Being supported by a facilitator helped me ask myself the right questions and progress on my business model. »

Rémi Boquien, co-founder of Éco-Plastiques

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« The adventure of Partage Club took on a new dimension thanks to the tailored support provided by Esplanade Quebec. Their support was a crucial catalyst in the launch of our initiative, where social and environmental impact is at the heart of our mission. Thanks to Esplanade Quebec, we were able to refine our strategy, strengthen our business model, and significantly expand our impact. »

Fauve Doucet, president of Partage Club

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« Thanks to the tools and methodology developed by Esplanade Quebec, we became aware of our potential impact on numerous stakeholders. The series of workshops was a unique opportunity to bring our team together around various themes and consolidate the vision of our business model. We were connected with several experts in our sector. This gave us the opportunity to introduce our solution to them in a privileged environment, which makes all the difference. »

Jean Jacques Le Roy, director of Destrier Electric

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Need more information?

A free virtual information session will be held on Tuesday, March 19th at noon.

Program Manager

The Collision program is managed by Aurélie Carpentier.

You can email her at [email protected] or book a time to discuss with her.


Don’t forget to submit your application by January 14, 2024!
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