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Are you developing an innovative solution to accelerate the green transition?

Apply for the Climate Innovation Super Cohort, 2023 edition!

Application Deadline: December 18, 2022

Are you developing an innovative solution to accelerate the green transition?

Apply for the Climate Innovation Super Cohort!

Application Deadline: December 18, 2022
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⚠ This call for projects has been closed. To stay in touch, check out our newsletters! (They’re in French, tough.)

Business Growth Tools & Resources

12 workshops

Up to 80 hours of coaching

6 months

Grow your business and accelerate the transition!

The Climate Innovation Super Cohort is the result of an ongoing collaboration between Esplanade Québec and Cycle Momentum, leading accelerators working to advance the development of impact innovation and clean technologies in Quebec.


By joining the 2023 edition of the Super Cohort program, you have exclusive access to:

   A rich acceleration program that provides startups with workshops, resources and tools with  personalized coaching developed by industry experts and mentors

   Collaborating with Esplanade Québec and Cycle Momentum’s community, which includes entrepreneurs, investors, industry experts who are keen to share and guide innovative companies

  Preparing pilot or showcase projects, notably with the support of the City of Montreal, RECYC-QUÉBEC and the partners of the Esplanade Environment Unit

   Conducting quantification study to analyze the GHG emissions potentially avoided by your solution according to the ISO14064-2 standard (eligibility under conditions)

  A network of impact-oriented investors, including Cycle Momentum’s circle of partner funds, and dedicated funding matching programs (eligibility under conditions)

   Increased branding and visibility, notably through our platforms and two « demo » events at the end of the program

Atelier Accélération
Les Chocs de l'innovation - action climatique

Test your solution with corporate and industrial partners

At the origin of the super cohort, there is the will to accelerate the socio-ecological transition by adopting a collective approach, integrating entrepreneurs in different sectors.
Sustainable mobility

Sustainable buildings and construction

Circular economy

Urban planning and resilience

Whether your solution is in mobility, building, the circular economy or urban planning and resilience, we activate our network of contacts to help link issues and solutions.


We offer increased support for the development of experimentation and showcase projects (technological or commercial), with our network of sectoral and territorial partners, and in particular with the Ville de Montréal, a major partner of the super cohort.

By the end of the program, entrepreneurs leave with…

A validated business model

A marketing strategy to showcase your impact and solution to potential customers

A solid financial model

A plan to scale your impact

A strong network and introduction to stakeholders

Program Details

Who should apply for the Climate Innovation Super Cohort?

This program is for you if you are an entrepreneur in Quebec, with impact at the heart of your business model and you are looking for support in your deployment phase:

Entrepreneurs: You have an entrepreneurial project, you are committed to this project full-time and are ready to be 100% involved in the program. Preferably, you are a multidisciplinary and dedicated team.

Territorial anchoring and local benefits: Your team is located in Quebec*. Your solution applies to the Quebec context, and your model has local socio-economic and environmental benefits.

Impact: Your solution has a significant and measurable impact on one of the issues related to climate change, either on the fight and reduction of GHGs or on adaptation and resilience (see the sectors and issues listed below).

Technological and/or social innovation: Your solution is a product or process, technological, software, organizational or social innovation that responds to a real problem. Its value proposition is clear and you own the commercial exploitation rights.

Business model: Your proposed model is economically viable, regardless of the legal form of your company (Inc, Coop, NPO, other). The target market is defined, reachable and of significant size.

Stage of advancement: Your project is in the commercialization or growth phase. Your proof of concept is largely validated, you can demonstrate commercial traction, have a prototype or MVP to launch and your sales are about to take off. In the case of a joint-stock company, you are in the seed fundraising phase or are planning one soon.

*Note that some of the places are reserved for teams located in the Montreal area or with major activities in Montreal.

What are the target sectors eligible for the Super Cohort program?

We are particularly looking for solutions in the following sectors and themes:

Sustainable Mobility

Electrification and decarbonisation of the transport sector

Urban logistics

Shared mobility

Sustainable buildings and construction

New sustainable buildings

Renovation and energy efficiency of buildings

Renewable energies

Rehabilitation of contaminated land

Circular Economy

Eco and product design

Recovery of organic and recyclable materials

Development of new modes of consumption (rental, shared consumption, etc.)

Residual material management

CO2 recovery

Urban planning and resilience

Redevelopment and resilience of neighbourhoods

Combating heat islands

Urban agriculture

Urban forest development

Water management

This list is not exhaustive.

What are the objectives of the program?

The 2023 Super Cohort edition aims to support companies execute their business plans and facilitate their connections with industry and stakeholders.


The program will take you to:

  Better understand your value proposition and how your solution effectively contributes to the energy transition

   Strengthen your business model and develop plans to scale its maximise impact

  Accelerate your commercialisation

  Develop your ability to define, measure and optimise your impact

  Consolidate your financing strategy and access cleantech investors

   Develop your partnership approach to test/validate your solution with clients and partners

   Collaborate with a community committed to advancing and deploying low-carbon solutions in Montreal and Quebec

What are the contents of the program?
We offer entrepreneurs intensive support over 6 months:

  A 2-day boot camp that provides an opportunity for companies to connect with stakeholders and experts to deepen the reflection of their impact in the ecosystem

  Over 12 workshops, which are customized to brainstorm solutions in order to advance the growth of the company

  Hours of personalized coaching with experienced business people and experts (up to 80 hours over the course of the program)

  Sales, media and investor pitch preparation with an exclusive showcase event in front of cleantech investors and economic development agencies

  Networking opportunities and targeted connections with our partners

The coaching addresses these 7 main areas:
Business model and value proposition

Commercialisation and marketing

Impact strategy and communication

Strategic partnerships

Financing and growth management

Intellectual Property

Governance and human resources

In addition to the workshops and regular content of the Acceleration program, you will have the opportunity to participate in two pitching events in front of various ecosystem actors and investors.

Who are our coaches, mentors and experts?

We work with a network of experienced mentors and business coaches with a variety of expertise (business plan, impact, finance, marketing, governance, etc.) who have been in your shoes, asked the same questions and faced the same challenges.


We also bring in professionals to speak in our workshops or provide feedback to entrepreneurs in group sessions.


Here are some of those who have collaborated with us in previous cohorts:
What is the selection process?

Applications must be submitted via the Web form before midnight on 18 December.


The selection process is divided into 2 phases:

  Pre-selection on the basis of applications: a first selection will be made upon receipt of the application files. Applications will be analysed according to the evaluation criteria mentioned below and you will receive confirmation of your pre-selection around 22 December.

   Pitch selection in front of a jury: shortlisted candidates will be invited to provide us with a pitch in video format before January 10, 2023 and to present themselves in front of a jury on January, 12 for a pitch and a question and answer session.

Our evaluation criteria

We select projects based on the quality and potential of their impact, as well as on the team’s ability to grow their company.

  Execution potential of the founding team (business experience and knowledge of the sector)

  Product innovation and value proposition

   Potential social and environmental impact of the project

   Impact potential of the technological solution to advance the energy transition in the  Montreal and Quebec region

  Development stage and business model validation in the market

   Level of commitment, motivation and interpersonal skills of the team

What are the dates to remember?
Application Period

November 17 to December 18

Information session

Pre selection

December 22

Pitch before jury

January 12

Jury’s final decision

January 17


January 26-27

Workshops and coaching

February 1st to June 30

Demo days events

Mid-may and mid-July

The jury pitch (for selected companies) and the bootcamp will take place in person, in Montreal. Workshops and coaching are approximately 5 hours per week, and take place online unless otherwise noted. Coaching can be done online or in person.

How much does the program cost ?

Coaching costs are largely covered by our funding partners in the form of donations and grants. Participating organisations have to pay a residual fee of $750 + tax.

Scholarships offered by LOJIQ

If you are between 18 and 35 years old, you may be eligible for financial support from the Offices jeunesse internationaux du Québec (LOJIQ) to cover part of the registration fees and costs related to your participation (several conditions apply).


For more information, visit their website.

What the participants of the 2021-2022 super cohort are saying?

It’s your turn to join our community!

Need more information?

An information and Q&A session will be held on November 28, 2022 at 12:00 noon online.

You can also consult our FAQ or write to:

Clémence Buisson

Project Manager, Acceleration
Esplanade Québec

Hans Rogg-Desormeaux

Analyst, Open Innovation Programs
Cycle Momentum

About us

Esplanade Quebec is the first impact entrepreneur accelerator in Quebec, with a mission to catalyze a community of entrepreneurs, innovators and organizations to collectively address social and environmental challenges, and to support them in sustaining their solutions and maximizing their impact.


The Esplanade is developing several support programs for impact companies, from start-up to scale-up, and Acceleration is its flagship program with 9 cohorts completed since 2016 and 69 companies accelerated.

Cycle Momentum is an accelerator and open innovation platform that brings together an international collective of entrepreneurs, investors and innovators. Our mission is to find innovative solutions to the major ecological challenges facing humanity. Member of the Cycle Capital Platform, Cycle Momentum provides entrepreneurs with training workshops, networking sessions and mentoring, and works with leading companies to stimulate technology acquisition and integration. In order to increase the impact of its programs, Cycle Momentum has brought together several local and international investment funds as part of its Circle of Partner Funds, whose members are involved with participating startups.

Since 2015, 89 startups have been accelerated with a survival rate of 90%, + 210 M$ raised in equity and quasi-equity and + 320 M$ raised in total in dilutive and non-dilutive funding.

Our partners and sponsors in the Environment Unit


Don’t forget to submit your application before December 18th!
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